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IMMERSIONS isn't just an electronic music project—it's a collaboration crafted to tackle the challenges facing our beloved techno scene. We're here to shake things up, empower the unsung heroes from our cultural peripheries, and create something special.

Our Mission

Born from the minds behind FOMO_, Monument, Gare, and Kablys, with the support from the EU Creative Europe Programme and our friends at the climate tech company, Electrum, we're on a mission. We want to broaden horizons, spotlight the overlooked, and build together the future experience of electronic music. Through our innovative technological platform, we're breaking down borders, sharing live performances, and curating line-ups that span across multiple venues.

A Vision for the Future

Our vision transcends musical harmony. We're here to inject new life into the electronic music landscape with immersive experiences that defy geography. By embracing innovation and amplifying marginalised voices, we aim to leave an inspiring mark on the scene, fostering a more sustainable ecosystem for both artists and audiences. Electronic music becomes the glue that unites us, erasing barriers and nurturing long-overlooked cultural peripheries.


IMMERSIONS is all about innovation and resilience, inspired by the depths of techno and ambient music. We're responding to societal challenges and environmental threats. We're questioning the excessive touring that harms our planet and distorts our culture. We're flipping the script with hybrid events and a mobile studio that brings the beats to artists, reducing carbon footprints and supporting local scenes.

Asking the Big Questions

Why should the electronic music scene be confined to big cities? We're questioning the status quo, advocating for artists beyond the bright lights. It's time to redefine success and put community over celebrity. Let's reclaim the heart of our culture.

Building Bridges: One Common Stage

Our partners are more than organisations; together, we form a network—a nexus of collaborative effort aimed to enrich the electronic music landscape. Through hybrid events in Białystok, Oslo, Vilnius, and Porto, we're building a common stage. Imagine live-streamed performances connecting venues across Europe, with "video-portals" bringing audiences together in real-time.

Empowering Our Community

This is an invitation to engage and to join us. Let's shape the future of the scene together. It is time to take responsibility and connect with one another, fostering a community-driven approach to innovation and inclusivity with a better balance.

Connect. Engage. Balance