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IMMERSIONS – the European Hybrid Music Network for Cultural Peripheries – is a Creative Europe 2023-2027 project powered by FOMO_, MONUMENT, Kablys, and Gare.

FOMO_ logo

FOMO_ is an electronic music project which encompasses a range of events and a statement of a music experience. They actively initiate and promote cultural initiatives aimed at addressing the crucial issue of inclusivity within the music industry. The project keeps gaining popularity with their events among locals in Białystok and visitors alike for its refreshing approach to electronic music events.

Monument logo

Monument is an innovative techno music platform and a worldwide cultural concept originating from Norway. Since its inception in 2012, Monument has developed several focus areas to connect their community with high quality techno music.

Kablys logo

Kablys/ UAB Novista - Operating for over 13 years in Lithuania's music scene, UAB Novista has established a portfolio of cultural venues with a shared commitment to presenting high-quality performers and projects. Among them, Kablys is aimed at the electronic music expansion.

Gare logo

Operated by Porto's Buzio Dançarino, Gare is considered as one of Europe's top clubs, and now a favourite among artists from various genres. It's the go-to spot to experience the alternative culture of the underground scene.