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Electrum Holding, a leader in the climate tech sector, is not just about pioneering alternative energy systems. With a holistic mindset, they offer creative technological solutions, as Electrum’s emphasis on industrial research and development enables them to deliver comprehensive products complementing their executive capabilities. At its core, Electrum is deeply committed to fostering cultural engagement and championing environmental sustainability. Their dedication goes beyond energy solutions; it's about creating a harmonious future where culture and environment thrive side by side.

Electrum’s partnership with FOMO_ and IMMERSIONS Project

Electrum's strategic alliance with FOMO_ has paved the way for its partnership in the IMMERSIONS project. This groundbreaking initiative, funded by the European Union's Creative Europe program, seeks to influence the electronic music and cultural landscape across Europe. By bridging geographical and economic divides, the IMMERSIONS project aims to promote European electronic music in cultural peripheries, ensuring that diverse audiences have equitable access to enriching cultural experiences.

Electrum Holding's partnership with FOMO_ and the IMMERSIONS project is a testament to their commitment to cultural and environmental impact. By championing initiatives that align with their values, Electrum is setting a precedent for how businesses can seamlessly integrate cultural and environmental objectives for the greater good.

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