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FOMO_ is an electronic music project which encompasses a range of events and a statement of a music experience. They actively initiate and promote cultural initiatives aimed at addressing the crucial issue of inclusivity within the music industry. The project keeps gaining popularity with their events among locals in Białystok and visitors alike for its refreshing approach to electronic music events.

FOMO_ is run by Pogotowie Kulturalno-Społeczne, an NGO based in Białystok, Poland. The NGO is responsible for events like Up To Date Festival, Business Techno The Game, Pozdro Techno Sound System, and Salon Ambientu. For over 15 years they have been doing groundbreaking work in the Polish cultural periphery of the electronic music scene.

The team's initiatives combine music with social work and charity, including campaigns like 'Don't Worry Be Yourself' and 'Send a Postcard to Your Grandma.' These efforts include a city centre mural in Białystok, which serves as a constant reminder of the problems of elderly people. Participants of Up To Date Festival can send a special postcard for free, and those over 50 can attend the festival at no cost.

FOMO_ assumes the central coordination role in the IMMERSIONS project. This involves overseeing the project's overall administration, as well as establishing the live streaming system connecting all partners together, through development and knowledge exchange. The partner develops a mobile recording and broadcasting studio, used for the creation of artistic content. The resulting audio-visual recordings will be presented to the audiences.

Location: Białystok, Poland