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Operated by Porto's Buzio Dançarino, Gare is considered as one of Europe's top clubs, and now a favourite among artists from various genres. It's the go-to spot to experience the alternative culture of the underground scene.

Buzio Dançarino is a relatively young music organisation founded in early 2022. However, its owner and people involved in its operations have been consistently cooperating within the operations of the Gare Porto club for the past few years. Buzio Dançarino is an organisation that successfully runs the club and organises large, regular music events, as well as community building activities.

Friday nights at Gare alternate between the fast-paced sounds of Drum’n’Bass and House Music while Saturdays are devoted to Techno Music.

At IMMERSIONS, Gare is responsible for the coordination of educational workshops for electronic music newcomers as well as meetings of industry professionals.

Location: Porto, Portugal