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Kablys/ UAB Novista - Operating for over 13 years in Lithuania's music scene, UAB Novista has established a portfolio of cultural venues with a shared commitment to presenting high-quality performers and projects. Among them, Kablys is aimed at the electronic music expansion.

UAB Novista has been working within the music sector as the music venues operator for over 13 years. It founded a number of cultural institutions and venues in Lithuania. Being different, all their clubs have a common vision and aspiration – to present relevant and high-quality performers and projects of music, theatre and other art forms. During its long existence, more than 1,500 events have been organised, and more than 500 foreign performers and creators have been brought. UAB Novista has organised such large-format events as “Labyrinth”, “Cape Kablys, “Kilpos” and others. UAB Novista runs not one, but several music spaces, including Kablys.

UAB Novista’s role at IMMERSIONS is the coordination of the hybrid electronic music events for the audiences to visit and enjoy at their local venues, while connecting with other partner clubs across Europe.

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania