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Monument is an innovative techno music platform and a worldwide cultural concept originating from Norway. Since its inception in 2012, Monument has developed several focus areas to connect their community with high quality techno music.

Monument is a vibrant hub for techno lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. With podcasts delving into the hypnotic depths of the genre, local and international club events pulsating with energy, and festivals that forge unforgettable connections with the natural world, Monument has fostered a community of kind souls bonded by their shared love for deep, hypnotic and experimental sounds. For a few years you can also enjoy the sounds through Monument’s own label. Beyond just beats, Monument welcomes enthusiasts and artists to explore its pulsating world of sound and its profound connection to the natural rhythms of life.

The responsibility for the communication of the IMMERSIONS project lies with Monument. This includes the creation and implementation of the Communication Strategy across all relevant channels and outlets. Also, like all the contributing partners, Monument is responsible for organising a number of events in Norway.

Location: Oslo, Norway